To the girl ... whose best friend is insecurity

You Amazing Girls I Salute You!!

To all you amazing girls reading this blog now, I salute you! If you are reading this because you’re just checking out the fantastic new business: Lewis and Haase, and like me love empowering messages that speak right to the heart. Or if you have just happened to stumble across it whilst looking for something else, I believe this is for you!!

To the girl whose best friend is insecurity, you’re not sure about yourself, not sure where you fit in, I salute you!! It’s not easy not knowing where you’re placed in life or what your purpose might be, you look around and everyone else always seems to have it all together. You may live with that anxious feeling in your belly, negative thoughts may fill up your head. Spreading lies to your heart that you’re not quite good enough, you may withdraw from people depending on how overwhelming it may all get. You may have believed the lie that people don’t get you or like feel alone!!

You amazing girl I salute you!! Why? Because you are courageous and brave. You may be living with those constant companions but you are still carrying on and fighting them off!! I encourage you to reach out and speak out!! You will overcome! Look in the mirror but don’t just look at how you look or embrace that criticising comment that wants to spring into your head about any flaws that you think you may have. I’m asking you to look deeper! Look at yourself in a new way, encourage yourself with positive words, remind yourself that you are loved unconditionally (on whatever level you may understand). Trust me YOU ARE LOVED....AND ACCEPTED...UNCONDITIONALLY!! There is not another you that walks on this planet!! So you amazing girl I encourage you to fling open your curtains and embrace the gorgeous you! I salute you!!

Nicky x 

Lewis and Haase Queen