To the girl ... who spars with depression

To the girl who spars with that dreaded dark cloud called depression, you feel like it’s been a constant battle your whole life, that dark cloud is only to be understood by anyone who has walked with the same companion. I salute you!!

It’s so hard to hear the words from misunderstanding mean-wells who say “pull yourself together” or maybe catching those knowing looks that pass between them that suggest, she’s in THAT MOOD again! You may feel out of control and vulnerable and dare I say it you may have even had thoughts about ending it all! Those lies that creep into your subconscious whisper “there’s no point in being here, there’s no way out!” or you may not even be thinking too much at all as thinking may be just another chore on your “to do” list for the day! Your eyes may look vacant to loved ones, and you may appear to not give a hoot about the worldly events of the day. You try and cheer yourself periodically, and for a while you do ok! You may have visited your GP, been taking your medication and offered to go on the list to see a counsellor!

You amazing girls I salute you! Why?

Because you are an outstanding human being! To fight depression is a tougher fight that any boxer has faced, it goes much longer than 12 rounds it can last months if not years! And your opponent can sometimes become too overwhelming!!  Please hear me as I SCREAM through this page to you!!!

There will be light at the end of that dark tunnel; girls you are so meant to be here! You are an extremely precious being and I PRAY that these words burst through that cloud and penetrate through to your hearts!

HOLD ON, REACH OUT AND FIGHT!! Never give up.... you will win.

I salute you!!

Nicky x

Lewis and Haase Queen