To the girl ... who's raising the chidren alone

To the girl who’s raising your children alone! I stand and salute you! You are a true warrior, to be the sole carer for your children and give out to those beauties until you have nothing left in the tank. You keep on going because that "Mother Love" drives you! You press down any raw emotions you may have towards the absent Dads in the picture because you choose not to pollute the kids’ minds but show them how to be an overcomer, to be focused on the positives in life in order to teach them well!! I salute you.

I am a mum but can only imagine how tough some days may be doing the job single-handed. Even sharing the great things they do and not having that man to tell how proud of them you are!

When they are sick and you also have the same virus but you put your recovery aside because your nurse’s hat is on for them! When you have just about enough money for food to feed them. Shopping sprees are a thing of the past, organising their never-ending school projects, homework or standing by them in school if bullies set in. Encouraging them when their heads dip down or celebrating with them when they win their race! Organising play dates and clubs and going to ALL the events because you remember how important it was to see your mum there when you were young. I too have experienced the drained out end of week feelings, but you amazing women doing it single-handed, I truly salute you!

I encourage you and tell you, your day is coming, when you will suddenly realise that the beautiful child that you poured your heart and soul into has grown into an incredible and amazing adult and all of the hard work will be done. Completed. Because of you they will hold themselves upright and strong, they’ll know who they are and respect themselves, they will be loved and be able to love another, because of you they will have learned how to be an overcomer!

You single mums...I stand and salute you.

Nicky x 

Lewis and Haase Queen