Long Distance Relationships

Regardless of what many people told me before I came to university I strongly believe that long distance relationships CAN work. Don’t get me wrong, being 106 miles away from my boyfriend is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with, but we’re living proof that it can work.


Absence is to love what wind is to fire; when it’s a small fire, the wind kills it but when it’s a real fire, the wind intensifies it.-  Diane Von Furstenburg


This is something that I strongly agree with; long distance makes everything in your relationship feel magnified – the good and the bad, but this is common when trying to go the distance. You are not alone!

A few tips from my own personal experience…


Talk about how you’re feeling

Some couples talk about their feelings more than others; some don’t feel they need to when they’re together so often, but when you’re spending weeks apart at a time it’s important to vocalise your feelings. If you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend tell them! They’ll feel reassured that you want to see them as well as feeling happy that you’re able to be open with them. (Many many tiffs have taught me this!)


Don’t go at it alone

Your uni experience is just as important as your relationship so don’t sit around and mope, as tempting as it is, try to keep yourself busy. Having your own life, going out with friends (yes having a drink or four) and having your independence will help you feel more content without your partner around.


Make the time for each other

Put the effort in to send your boyfriend/girlfriend a text to say good morning, to call them in the evenings or to go on Skype. When you do see each other try to arrange the visits in advance – it’ll save on rail fares and give you something to look forward to. Take it in turns to visit one another and maybe think of little surprises you can give your partner, even if it’s just flowers or cooking a nice meal.


Spice things up a bit

Not just sexually, but it can be surprisingly easy to slip into routine when you do see each other so branch out a little. By that I mean to explore your cities (not just each other) and keep things romantic by going out for meals or if money’s tight cook a meal together.


Don’t forget to have a laugh

It can be very heavy being so far away from the person you love, and as a result you get so consumed by the fact that you miss them rather than making the most of the connection you do have. Laugh and joke with your other half no matter how far apart you are because otherwise, where is the fun?


Being in a long distance relationship isn’t easy for any couple, but if you’re willing to put the work in and, as cheesy as it may sound to some, really love each other, all those long train journeys and sky high phone bills will be worth it in the end.


Priya x

Lewis and Haase Queen


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