Do you know your value? Do you know your worth?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about two words that us girls are more than familiar with, value and worth! Our worth and our value. A key person in my own life has made me look at those two profound words once again. I’ve not only been asking myself and checking the significance I have placed these two words in my own life, I’ve alsobeen studying the women around me in my everyday life.

The question I want to ask the woman in the gym. The woman on the checkout till in Tesco. The many mums I see. The girl pouring out of the school at the ring of the final bell. The lady I see everyday pushing her buggy with her two young children holding on, the one who has a different hair colour every week and her face always seems to look troubled. I want to ask them all; do you know your value? Do you know your worth?

Us girls live in a world where worth and value is dictated to us all day long. Through television and magazines other people state how a woman should be. Giving instructions on how her skin should look, how much she should weigh, how to age well, how to gain acceptance through all of these things! To me this has created a pouting phenomenon!!

I see so many women on pictures on Facebook, Twitter, documentaries, and magazines all doing that familiar pout!! I’ve even done it a few times myself! But I have questioned it. Does this make your beauty increase? Do you become more appealing to the male glance? Or have we been caught in the worlds net of what women have been led to believe beauty to be? What is beauty? Is it a face? A body shape? Clothes? Skin?

What is our worth? What is our value?

I have a stunningly beautiful engagement ring it’s a single diamond set in a silver platinum ring, the diamond twinkles like mad when its near any kind of light it’s such a special ring! It’s worth is over £2000 which is a lot of money right? However someone could offer 100 times that amount and I wouldn’t sell it.  Not because it’s a beautiful diamond but because its value is immeasurable. My engagement ring once belonged to my Nan, so to me as high as the monetary price may be, the emotional value is higher.DiamondRing1

So my journey continues as I truly understand and unpick my own worth and my own value but I know that there will come a day when I will crack it, I’ll get it and I’ll embrace it!

So BE ENCOURAGED, if your reading this blog in your younger years or your later years, us women have all had similar thoughts at one time or another about how we look or how we think we should look to feel good, to feel valued, to feel worthy or even just to fit in!

Remember every time you lay your eyes on a diamond or a ruby or even gold. Your value and your worth are far greater... it’s immeasurable! There is only one you on planet Earth. Be the very best you that you can be, you are irreplaceable but above are loved.

Nicky x

Lewis and Haase Queen


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