No longer Miss, Mrs or Ms just female tennis players

While watching Wimbledon this year I noticed the major change on the scoreboard, the screen no longer displays the title of the competitors. I do remember wondering why it was necessary to know and broadcast the marital status of the tennis players. For me it was and continues to be completely irrelevant to the sport. Personally I wasn’t interested and it seems like know one else was that bothered either. I say that because, since 2009 the first names of the competitors has been shown. Obviously for the male players the title was Mr regardless, however for the female competitors instead of Miss, Mrs or Ms. And there has been little or know reaction to this change. It took me 5 years to notice and I watch Wimbledon every year, I even venture to the red button coverage.


Wimbledon Championship has been running since 1877 (with Women’s singles being added later in 1884). The grass court grand slam is notorious for its strict rules; most obvious to me, a non-tennis playing spectator, is the all white uniform for competitors. And almost every year the papers cover a story about someone wearing coloured underwear, and being disciplined by the Lawn Tennis Association. But when the tradition of displaying the title of the women was changed there was little hoo-hah, actually I don’t remember seeing anything at all on the news or in the papers complaining about the change. And in Britain we do have a tendency to the love the old traditions and pomp ‘n’ ceremony. Not always but sometimes.


So an old (you could even say ancient) and respected institution changed a rule to have more equality and the world didn’t end? You what?


What’s stopping us then?


Let’s change the rest!


PS. As I’m writing this, the Women’s final just ended, Congratulations to Petra Kvitova the 2014 Wimbledon Champion and also to runner-up Eugenie Bouchard. 

Lauren x

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