Living with the confidence of Queen

crown jewels

In life you will have the best and the worst experiences, that is a fact. The fact is, where there are people, politics emerge. When I say politics I don’t mean elections I am referring to the games and manipulations people employ to increase their social standing; Mean Girls style. Teasing, picking on others, gossiping etc. we all understand that they are inherently bad. We as humans know how to upset people, its almost an innate ability. mean-girls-2-tina-fey-lead


As children and teenagers, friendships are traded and swapped for popularity and notoriety. Groups of girls and boys together for long periods of time (e.g. 5 days a week, 6 hours a day) fuels the pack mentality surfaces, and unfortunately it’s pretty hard to prevent. And don’t get me wrong unfortunately some young people take the pack mentality into their adult lives.


People are most threatened by what they don’t understand. Young women (and men) attack what they see as the unknown: the unknown being what makes you different to them. I remember situations when other girls would laugh at me because of what I was doing/saying/wearing. With every comment I could sense that they were trying to undermine the choices I made and by association me. At the time I was confused as to why they felt the need to do that.


I now understand that I knew I recognised that I was a queen; so that’s what they could see. I could not be categorised nor labelled, no box would fit me. I refused to subscribe to the constant self-deprecation that society demands we must engage in.


My message to you is this: You need to understand that you are a world changer. You are a princess or a queen. A royal with a list of tasks in your heart and more will be revealed to you throughout your life. I’m not saying that queens don’t have difficult times in their lives. What I am saying is that when you have complete confidence in what you are living and doing, the sting is taken out of the jewels As a queen, when people try and undermine you, there is a level of confidence that you can have in your ability to deflect attack. It’s not that you are delusional it’s that you realise they are misguided and you are guided by your heart. Meet opposition with love, and teach others of their royal heritage.


Our differences are what make us beautiful.

“Body and soul, I am marvellously made”

Body and soul, YOU are marvellously made.




A Lewis and Haase Queen

Lauren SimpsonComment