True Meaning of a Princess

At Lewis and Haase we believe that all women are queens. Therefore that should mean all girls are princesses? It may just be me but I don’t associate being a princess with the positive things of a queen. Why is that?


According to the Urban Dictionary a princess is:

“A girl that has been pampered, sheltered and spoiled her whole life to the extent that she has no friggin’ idea about the real world.”


“The sort of girl who has never had to work for a single thing in her life. She is usually sheltered to the point where it's ridiculous, and spoiled beyond belief. She has trouble accepting that there's anything wrong in the world and can hardly believe that there are people who don't have an American Express Platinum or a heated swimming pool. She's often gregarious, or, in some occasions, very much a bitch. There's one constant, however. She'll invariably be spoiled or somewhat snotty.”


Disney is often lambasted for the portrayal of women and girls in its movies and television shows. If we remove the damsel in distress storylines, lack of ethnic diversity, and long haired slim figured dress wearing characters. These are the personality traits that each Disney Princess displays exhibits in the movie depictions.disney princess


Snow WhiteSnow_White_Clipart

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - 1937

kind, optimistic, and happy person who sees the good in everyone


Cinderella -1950

a down-to-earth attitude, a daydreamer, kind, gentle and sweet, has a sarcastic side and a sharp wit


Sleeping Beauty – 1959

kind, shy and sophisticated, a hopeless romantic, a little naive and insecure, somewhat plucky and opinionated


The Little Mermaid - 1989

fiercely independent and a dreamer, bold and a risk-taker


Beauty and the Beast – 1991

independent, intelligent, courageous and headstrong, a feminist, intelligent and brave


Aladdin – 1992

fierce, bold, confident, and she rarely allows anyone tell her what to do and what not to do, and independent


Pocahontas – 1995

noble, independent and highly spiritual, wise, kind, and guides those around her


Mulan – 1998

Courageous, self-reliant, clumsy, outspoken, and independent 


The Princess and the Frog - 2009

hardworking, ambitious, proud, resilient, and boisterous


Tangled – 2010

Witty, intelligent, spirited, tough, and independent


Brave - 2012

Impetuous, a girl who wants to take control of her own destiny, skilled, brave and independent


So if you just look at the personalities there is a wide range, demonstrating the differences between the women and girls in the non-Disney world. The aforementioned characters are all official princesses yet do not display the UD’s definition of the word.


Disney does not by any means offer ideal role models for young girls, as there is a lack of self-autonomy described in these tales. But there is a problem with how we describe girls with an inheritance, e.g a crown.


Our words have power:

“Words kill, words give life, they’re either poison or fruit – you choose”


When we use words like princess in a negative way, we begin to believe what we say. We have started to believe the lie that we are worthless and important. We as females have started to believe that we do not deserve anything and are not born with a great inheritance.

My challenge to you is this: So instead of using princess as an insult, how about we use it on par with a queen.


A princess – a girl with a purpose

A queen – a woman with a purpose




A Lewis and Haase Queen

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