I am Important.

Sometimes in life we can feel completely unimportant; feeling as though no one cares whether we are around or not. If we give our input to a group discussion or one-to-one conversation we feel as though our input makes no difference. When these feelings come upon us, they are extremely hard to deal with and sometimes even harder to try to get rid of. They can pop up within different situations in life be it family, work or friendships - let's face it, every now and then we can be made to feel small. What's hugely important to remember is the fact that these are 'feelings' and they come and go. Sometimes we feel unstoppable, like we can conquer the world. Other times we doubt ourselves and the gifts that lie within. But even though we may feel that way, it doesn't mean those feelings are true! In fact they are lies that we have taken on as truth and actually have no bearing on who we really are. The harsh reality is, in life people will not always see your importance. What matter’s is how we view ourselves? It's a fact that we all need somebody, I believe we were created to have connection with other people, to build and draw strength from each other. But when push comes to shove, you have to look inside yourself and find your own value and self worth.

What are you good at? What makes you feel alive? What do you place your value on? For some it's achievements and goals in life. For others, their value comes from the opinions of others. To me this is the makings of a shaky foundation as people’s opinions change daily.

Whatever it might be, we need to be able to look in the mirror and say:

'I am important because I was created with greatness in my DNA'!

'I have value because I have something to offer the world that can make an impact in someone's life'.

Look within and find reasons that equate to your importance and if you can't find one check that you're breathing, because if you are then you have great value and a life that's worth living. Your certainly not here by accident and I believe all people were created with a purpose and a destiny. I would even suggest you write a list if you need to and read it every day until you start to believe it. The more you think about something and focus your mind on it, is the more it becomes your truth.

Believe me 'you are important'

Sharlene-Moniqué x

Lewis and Haase Queen

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