5 Things to Help You Stay Positive


Ever had a day where it feels like everything is going wrong? Maybe you woke up late, had a bad hair day, missed the train to work, forgot your umbrella and got soaked in the rain. Have you ever had felt that way for a whole week? A whole month? Well let me tell you something, you are not alone sister. I think it’s fair to say that everyone, at one time in their lives or another feel like everything is against them and that it isn’t going to get better.

Now, I was so excited to graduate university and enter that next stage in my life and I knew it would be hard to nab one of those coveted graduate jobs. But I don’t think I was fully prepared for how downright depressing it is sending out email after email, filling out application after application only to hear nothing back.


It’s probably only in hindsight that I realise how hard I worked to stay positive. To put this into context, I was lucky enough to get a paid internship at a great PR agency for two months and naively thought that it would result in a job; when it didn’t, I was heart broken.

It was only by taking away the positives (how much I’d learnt, that I made my stupid mistakes and could start fresh, at least I was paid) was I able to rally and secure another paid internship two weeks later – which I’m very happy to say after four months did result in a full time job!

Everyone is different but you can’t deny the power of positive thinking and self motivation; here’s what really helped me:

“It’ll all be alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”

This has been my mantra for so long, because everything really does work out in the end.

Remember who you are and what your skills are.

You are incredible and strong and intelligent and don’t let anything make you think otherwise. I, for one, was awful for this, there were times that I really did forget what I was capable of and needed pep talks from my boyfriend more times than I care to admit, but if you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect anyone else to.

Tough love.

I ended up working at a dingy pub between my internships and that alone was enough motivation for me to get up early every day and send my CV out everywhere. That tough love came from myself, I was harder on myself than anyone else was on me. But sometimes you need to look at what you have and what you want and work out how to make the two reflect one another.

“I can’t do any more than my best.”

PR is a stressful job and I joined at a very busy time and I had to keep telling myself that I couldn’t do any more than my very best. As long as I did that no one could ask for more. I was lucky enough to find an incredibly supportive agency who value the time and effort put in to campaigns and projects.

And finally, don’t take it out on the people who love you most.

There is nothing worse than having a bad day and absorbing all of that energy and throwing it in the face of those who have done nothing to deserve it. It’s so easy to do, but it then causes tension in every aspect of your life, and then just becomes a vicious circle.

Priya x 

Lewis and Haase Queen 

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