What Do You Have?

The truth is you are talented, but sometimes we don’t place a high value on what we already have’.

I recently attended a concert hosted by a very special friend of mine; she is a gospel choir director and an absolutely amazing one to say the least. Somehow even though I was not invited to perform during the show, I had a feeling I was going to be called onto the stage to sing. Just as predicted I hear, ‘Can Sharlene come up and sing this solo for me?’. To be honest I was not shocked at all and had already mentally prepared myself for it. I have been singing gospel music since I was 4 so it was not a challenge for me.

During the intermission an audience member came up to me and said ‘Wow what an amazing voice you have’. I thanked her for the compliment and was happy for the conversation to move swiftly onto another subject, but this lady could not stop going on and on about how great she thought my singing was to the point, where I had to ask her why she was so impressed. I must be honest, even though I know I can sing there are many people who have way more vocal range and ability than me so sometimes I don’t see my voice as ‘amazing’. She said I have always wanted to be able to sing but I cant, I just feel like when you can sing you have EVERYTHING’. I was so shocked and taken aback by the value this lady placed on the ability to sing. To her singing was something she craved and longed for, for me it was something (I realised) I took for granted.

This principle of gratitude can be applied to so many areas in our lives. For me, it would be my husband who sees me on my happiest and moodiest day’s and he still loves me and accept me, flaws and all ;0); I never want to take him for granted. For you it could be your children who demand all your attention and drive you up the wall sometimes. I don’t have kids (yet) so I can’t fully relate, but I do have a nephew and niece. I have seen how hard and rewarding it is for my sister to be a wife and mother (she is great) but I can’t imagine what life would be like without those wonderful children around. I also know that there are many people who can’t have children and would love to, so this causes me to pause and focus on what a blessing those children really are. It’s a choice we make to be thankful for all we have and focus on the good in our lives rather than the negative. When we do I think it helps us handle some of the hard things in life.

Back to the subject matter…! I want us to think about the things we are good at and to see our gifts as diamonds in our hands. So often, we tend to focus on what someone else has that we forget what we have is extremely valuable.

Let’s not take our talents or blessings for granted and change our mindset. Someone out there would love to have the talent you have but they don’t. Let’s try to place a high value on what we have.

Big Love


Lewis and Haase Queen

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