Be Nice, Kind & Stay Positive - You Will Impact Your Surroundings

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I can remember this job I got a few years ago, there were two directors I had to report to. One of them loved fashion, flash cars and he was fun and exciting to be around. He was also very polite and would buy his staff lunches and make sure everyone was happy. It was always a great pleasure and joy to work with him. Before I started the job I had been warned about the other manager. ‘He’s nothing like John’ (they said), he’s rude and miserable’. So of course, I had this in my mind from my very first day.  After working with him I must admit, he was not the most sociable person and to be honest, having a conversation with him was very difficult and awkward plus as I had been warned he was rude.

It’s very easy to treat people how they treat you and if I’m honest, I wouldn’t say I was rude to him but I was not cheerful and as polite as I was with my other manager John.  I observed that he was extra miserable when worried or stressed over something that had gone wrong In the company.  I decided I would make it my goal to be extra happy and joyful whenever I was around him and show an interest in the things he spoke about.  Even though 9 times out of 10 it was always company related, I began to do this consistently and little by little he would smile more, and he began to talk about his hobbies, family and general life. I found myself having the most interesting conversations with him and realising that he was quite a genius in his craft.

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I think this post speaks for itself. No one has the power to dictate how you behave or treat people. Only you can decide that and if you choose well a lot of the time you will always receive what you release. Be nice, kind and stay positive & you will impact your surroundings.

Big Love

Sharlene-Moniqué x 

Lewis and Haase Queen

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