Unstoppable Women

A diamond is a lump of coal that has done well under pressure.


I’ve noticed there is one common thread with the wonderful female race. We love nothing more than being our own worst enemy. We house the cruelest person we know in our very own heads, and we allow that voice all too often to drown out everything else.

I see so many of the women in my life; young and old; berate themselves, their character, their actions, their self-perceived failures. I can’t recall if I have ever heard them say when they’ve done a good job. We never parade our achievements; we very rarely even share them. We can sit for a whole morning talking about what we’ve done wrong, messed up or struggled with, but we never even whisper about what we’ve overcome.


Yet I know we do – every day we do – we balance so many things and keep so many worlds together. We support friends, family, children, and coworkers. We give and give with little thought to our own needs.


We need to change though; we need to work out a way to feel comfortable with accepting our sparkle. With recognising we are a diamond through all this.

I think we need to start small, ease ourselves into it - accepting that compliment and letting it sit a bit longer at the front of our mind. Setting a goal and acknowledging when we achieve it. Not being afraid to say to someone we’ve succeeded. Following our dreams however big or small and acknowledging the steps we’re taking to get there. Recognizing the pressure we place on ourselves and learning to say no to others when we’re overworked. I think we need to learn its okay to take time out for ourselves, to make a break in the day to do something we really love just for us. We need to understand that whilst we are the very central cog in many things, the wheel really will keep turning if we step away for a moment. Try it you’ll see.


Most importantly though and the hardest job of all is making sure that inner voice knows we’re coming for them. Warn them if they don’t lighten up and be a better friend, then their eviction notice will be served. We deserve more and we are most definitely getting in the way of feeling like we’re shining bright.

Kerry x

Lewis and Haase Queen

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