Imperfect Perfection

My house is crazy! I mean it! Four children, one husband (who could be classed as a child) and probably the most behaved in the house, our four year old ‘puppy’! My children are preparing for moving onto GCSE work, through to starting School for the first time this September, and now we’ve one in the middle about to embark on home schooling. We have after school clubs, weekend clubs, fitness regimes, and shopping, along with the [very] occasional DIY tasks.

We are the classic crazy overworked, underpaid family wishing we could fit it all in and invariable ending up with a take away and a bottle of wine instead of that healthy couscous and salad we should have had. I run literally on caffeine, I’m not sure there is a speck of blood left in my veins, I’m sure it’s pure Kenco!

I’m not sure when I last changed the beds and I’m fairly certain I should have done homework with at least one of them or signed off some kind of form. I’ve forgotten or not heard 80% of the conversation my children have tried to engage me with, as at the same time the other three are doing the same, whilst said child-husband is winding up the dog. It’s a miracle I haven’t lost one of the children and I now even call out one of their names when I’m meant to be calling the dog in from the garden. This is the garden which barely sees a glimpse of the lawn mower, unless I open the shed door to put another bin bag in there because my wheelie bin is full again.

I live in a constant state of turmoil of guilt over not enough time with respective children, not enough time to do anything I should, my children needs new shoes, and I’ve no time to buy them. There clothes are not ironed (unless hand ironing counts). I have a million and one to do lists that even my Filofax can’t handle it. In fact I’ve only had my Filofax since Christmas and already the catch on it is wearing out from constant opening to check I have forgotten something. I’d probably have more time if I got off Pinterest or Facebook but it’s replaced my nicotine habit (it was that or chocolate bourbons and I figured Pinterest was kinder on the hips!) I’m not ignoring you when I have a vacant look at the school gates or when I pass you in the street, I’m merely taking a mind nap – five minutes peace - it’s not personal.

My house is not an Instagram perfect, Photoshop filtered, or a Facebook status, envy filled home. I think most of my statuses cause laughter at my misfortune and I certainly won’t win any awards for my personal blog being most inspiring or best photography.

I will however tell you a secret, my house is normal and I’m just fine with that!

Kerry x

Lewis and Haase Queen

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