Create a New Version of Yourself

5 Encouraging tips...

1. Get rid of your stinking thinking


The 5 'I am' sayings!

5 unacceptable 'I am' examples:

  • I am rubbish at……
  • I am never going to get better
  • I am not confident
  • I am ugly
  • I am not talented

Begin to think of yourself in a positive way. Create a new set of 'I am' sayings.

  • I am full of potential
  • I am always improving
  • I am a confident person
  • I am beautiful
  • I am good at.....

Fill in the blanks and create a new positive image of yourself

2. Stop beating yourself up for the things you can't currently do.

It's ok to not be great at everything! Life, is a journey and a process, we're always growing and we’re 'Forever changing people'- Arinze Kene

3. Focus on the things you're great at, celebrate them and yourself!

Your goal is to be better than YOU WERE yesterday!

4. STOP trying to be like or better than someone else.

If you constantly compare yourself to other people you will slowly kill all the gold and greatness that's within you. You'll never (in a million year's) be the person you're trying to emulate, and you’re NOT meant to be! Focus on being YOU!

Invest in yourself DAILY

5. Everyday focus on one thing you like about yourself!

 For some people this will be very hard because you have spent so much time thinking incorrectly! Most, if not all of your success in this life is based on what you believe about yourself! It is of up most importance that you make this your goal. If you do you'll see a change within yourself. This won't happen over night, it has to be something you do daily.

Be consistent with this and I guarantee you will feel differently!

Big Love

Sharlene-Moniqué x 

Lewis and Haase Queen

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