As Light as a Feather

Sometimes life feels weighty. You know what it’s like when things get on top of us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. I travel a lot for work and when I do I get really tired! I struggle to keep my mood at an acceptable level when I’m tired, just being honest.  I’m so thankful that my beautiful husband has so much patience for me! Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t turn into a wicked witch but when I’m tired I feel bogged down, drained and weighty. I am always amazed at how I very easily over complicate things in my life and allow my feelings to dictate my actions.

I am a very active person and because of that, sometimes I’m working all week and I’m also out many nights of the week. I am a part of an organization that is focused on helping, empowering and encouraging people. A few weeks ago I was having an ‘Overwhelmed’ moment and I decided I needed to cut down my activities. I met with my leader and explained how busy I was and that it was all too much for me, lol. His response was amazing, he said ‘But Sharlene what do you actually do that is taking up your time? Are you sure it’s not just head space’. He was absolutely right, I had already cut down my attendance to the meetings but in my head, I had made it into a huge all-consuming task. Once I realized it was all in my head I was fine. 

Sometimes we just need to process these moments with someone so we can gain the correct perspective. No doubt, there will be moments when we need to shift and move things around but for me, a lot of the time my necessary requirement is rest and a clear head.




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