Say Goodbye To Procrastination

Every once in a while we all have that lazy gene that wants to creep up on us and keep us from the thing we are meant to be doing. It's called procrastination! If you stroke it's feathers long enough you will never get anything done. Think for a minute or so about the many dreams and desired goals you have and now think of all the times you said you were going to do it but didn't. If it's more than a few times you can successfully say that procrastination has got you by the jugular. The good news is that today we are telling procrastination where to hang itself.


Now before you think I'm perfect, let me be honest. It took a long time for me to sit down and write this blog. Procrastination was appealing to my weak spots and suddenly everything else became more urgent. It wasn't that this wasn't important but procrastination is a liar.


Let me give you 4 tips that will help you on your journey of overcoming this nuisance.

1. Write a plan

A plan quickly puts things into perspective that once seemed like it was far away. It brings focus and a call to action. Plan when you want it done by and how you want it to be. If it seems too big, you can break it up into smaller segments. This will help the plan to be more achievable.


2. Turn off all distractions including your phone!

For some weird reason the moment we want to do our work everything else seems more appealing. Our phone starts to ring or we feel like checking our Facebook. The best thing to do is to turn off all distractions for a short time so you can focus. You will be amazed at how much work you will get done.


3. Overcome your perfectionist complex

Perfectionism holds people back from starting something great. Because of the need for everything to be perfect the fear of failure daunts us and this is where procrastination is at it's best. It's not about everything being perfect but it's more about starting and embracing the process.


4. Do more, speak less

Speaking can sometimes make you feel like you are doing a lot and in essence you are: you are doing a lot of talking!! While this is happening work is not getting done and people are losing faith in your ability to speak and do. Stop talking and work!!


So there you have it! Procrastination has nothing on you and will only have the influence we allow it to have!! 

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