At Lewis and Haase HQ we love discovering new outfits and accessories, and want you to join us for "Charity Shop Tuesday".

Join Team L+H and venture into your local charity shop, and rummage around. You can support great causes and find incredible pieces. The one rule in Charity Shop Tuesday is: leave the shop with at least one thing !

Let us know what gems you have discovered, tweet us a pic of your charity shop haul@LewisandHaase.


Wednesday is the day we wear our L+H tees with pride. Combine your favourite Lewis and Haase tee with a pair of jeans you've never worn, or that jacket you didn't like.

Sometimes it is easy to get in a rut, so "Wear It New Wednesday" is your chance to take a risk, throw something together, try a new outfit.

What better way to get over the mid-week blues than to find a new way to wear your Lewis and Haase Tee. We wanna see what you discover so remember to tweet us.