You need to understand that you are a world changer. You are a princess, a queen. A royal with a list of tasks in your heart and more will be revealed to you throughout your life.
— Words for a Queen blog
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 Luna Olivia Lewis

Luna Olivia Lewis

 Daisy May Haase

Daisy May Haase

We at Lewis and Haase are based in the Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire. (Did you know it's the "World's First Garden City?)

Lewis and Haase is named after Luna Olivia Lewis and Daisy May Haase, two women who left their birth countries in pursuit of a better life for their families. Lewis and Haase is run by Lauren Simpson, she feels that grandmothers along with all females deserve to be honoured.

Our differences are what make us beautiful.

“Body and soul, I am marvellously made”

Body and soul, YOU are marvellously made.
— Words for a Queen Blog